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It began simply enough, a good deed to make someone’s day brighter. Terri wanted to provide flowers as a remembrance of her grandmother. After calling in on a local senior home, Terri met Alice. Alice had a sparkle in her blue eyes and a gentle smile. She had no family, so when Terri and her daughter walked in with a bouquet of flowers, tears of happiness filled her eyes and there the relationship began. Visits to Alice became a beautiful part of Terri’s life as the bond between all generations grew. When Alice passed, there was sadness as well as reflection, and the knowledge that providing this small gift of flowers would continue to others in need.​

This is how Flowers for Alice formed. A 501c3 non profit part of Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties, Flowers for Alice brings floral arrangements, a smile and conversation to those who are elderly, homebound, veterans, homeless and others in need. We offer floral design training for local youth as they fill their desire to help others with the beauty of flowers. Flowers for Alice also collaborates with local schools to provide lunchtime arrangements for family-style meals.  Flowers for Alice welcomes monetary donations as well as floral supplies and gently-used post-event flower displays.

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